Monday, February 1, 2016

$1001 Tax Match At Consumers Auto Warehouse

Consumers Auto Warehouse wants to help your tax refund go farther this tax season with our exclusive $1001 Tax Match program.  Just bring your W2s to Consumers Auto Warehouse and we'll process  your tax return right on site in just minutes.  Use part of the refund towards a newer, nicer car and we will match that portion up to $1001!  You can double your money!

You don't need to use your entire refund to qualify:  Any remaining refund will be delivered to you as quickly as the other tax prep places can.  And a big down payment may help you qualify for a better car And a better rate.

If you have questions or want to apply today, call 540-213-0202.  You can apply online anytime, day or night, at

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

December Tax Refund

If you are in need of a ride but don't have the cash for a down payment, Consumers Auto Warehouse may have the answer for you.  We've teamed up with Valley Car Credit and Tax Refund Services to provide you with a chance to get up to $1000 NOW for a down payment.  All you need is your most recent paystub to see if you qualify

Here's how the program works - we estimate your 2016 tax refund using your most recent paystub.  If you qualify, you could borrow up to $1000 of that refund to use TODAY towards a great new vehicle from Consumers Auto Warehouse.  If credit is a problem, we are the solution!  We can find a lender for you no matter what your circumstance.

To see if you qualify, just call one of our specialists at 540-213-0202.  Please keep in mind that there is a limited amount of money for this program and once it is gone, you'll have to wait for your W2.  So don't hesitate - please call today.  To see our inventory or apply for credit, visit us at

Restrictions apply.  Not everyone will qualify.  Contact dealer for more information.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Tax Refund Programs - You Might Double Your Refund with CAW!

Make your tax dollars go farther with our tax programs at Consumers Auto Warehouse!  There are two different programs for you:

Pre-W2 Tax Refund Program
If you haven't received your tax paperwork yet, you still might qualify for our Pre-W2 Tax refund program.  Just bring your year-end paystub and see if you can borrow up to $1000 of your expected tax refund to use TODAY!  No everyone qualifies, but we can have an answer back for you in just minutes.

Double Your Tax Refund!
We have teamed up with Tax Refund Services to offer tax prep on site!  You can bring your W2s and social security cards to us and in 15 minutes, we complete your tax returns!  You can drive away the same day.  The best part is that if you get your tax refund processed with us, we will double it up to $1000 when you use part of your refund towards a newer, nicer car.  Put $500 down - it becomes $1000.  But $750 down, you've got $1500. - $1000 = $2000!

If either of these programs interest you and you want more information, please stop by the lot at 537 Richmond Ave, Staunton or call us at 540-213-0202.  You can apply online at our website at

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why We Finally Gave Up On the Carfox

We've had a long relationship with the Carfox - that cute and lovable mascot for Carfax Vehicle History Reports.   Unless you live under a rock, you've surely seen the commercials as the fox tells innocent buyers to beware of the big, mean car dealers and make sure you ask for a "free" Carfax on every purchase.  Every reputable dealer will provide one to you!

And for several years we have provided them.  At first, Carfax signed us up with a special offer - a few hundred dollars per month for as many reports as we could run at Consumers Auto Warehouse.   And run them we did!  On our current inventory - our sold units - in the service department and even for people who were shopping other places.  It was a great gig.  Carfax provided us with marketing materials, a fancy looking format, and links on our website.

In the background, though, it always felt like they were extorting me.  They ran million dollar campaigns to paint car dealers as crooks and buffoons while jacking up my rates on an ever increasing basis.  As time has worn on, those price increases have crossed the "ridiculous" line - the last rate increase pushed us to over $11,000 per year!  Yes - and we had one of the lowest rate plans out there!

Don't get me wrong - vehicle history is important when deciding whether to buy a vehicle.  But Carfax isn't the only (or best) game in town.  We've switched to Autocheck by Experian - yes, the same folks to do credit scoring.  We've found the reports to be simple to read, easy to understand and more complete when it comes to accident data - the thing that MOST customers want to know first.  You can see all the Autocheck reports on our website at by every vehicle we sell.

We may not have a mascot or funny stuffed animals now, but we've stopped paying close to $1000 per month for bells and whistles and commercials that bash us.  And when we save money - the customer saves money - without giving up the information you need to make a good buying decision.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Community Yard Sale and Customer Appreciation Day May 31, 2014

Community Yard Sale & Customer Appreciation Day

May 31, 2014 @ Consumers Auto Warehouse and Warehouse Auto Repair

We're hosting a Community Yard Sale and Customer Appreciation Day on Saturday, May 31, 2014.  Here's a few things you can look forward to if you attend:

  • We'll have local folks set up selling their excess stuff on the lot from 9 am to 1 pm.
  • Boy Scout Troop 28 will be here selling hot dogs and sodas for lunch.
  • There will be a bouncy house for the kids
  • Service will be open for tours and free check engine scans
  • Our detail crew will be here washing cars for free 
  • We'll also have a live radio remote and some prizes and giveaways all day.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Tax Programs at Consumers Auto Warehouse

At Consumers Auto Warehouse, we try extra hard to create programs that help people when they need it.  During tax refund season, we have two programs to help you.

Pre-W2 Tax Program
You may qualify for our Pre-W2 tax program.  With this program we use a year end paystub to estimate your tax refund.  Teaming up with Valley Car Credit and Tax Refund Services, we can offer you an advance on the refund before you even get your W2.

$1000 Tax Match Program
Our $1000 Tax Match program lets you double your tax refund up to $1000 when used towards the purchase of a car, truck, van or SUV at Consumers Auto Warehouse.  We can prepare your taxes onsite or you can get them completed at your choice of local tax preparer.  If you have need a down payment and want to increase your purchasing power, this is the program for you.

For more information, contact one of our finance specialists at 540-213-0202, check us out online at or stop by our lot on Richmond Road in Staunton.

Wondering whether we are the place to go?  Check out our reviews at or at  Or ask your friends about us!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's An Award Worth If Everyone Gets One?

I recently attended what seemed like the world's longest middle school honor awards ceremony in history.  Really.  It was long.  Like Academy Awards long.  It probably didn't help that I went straight from work without dinner and that I was tending to my five year old.  But regardless of my circumstance, I think impartial observers would agree it was long.

And why, you must be asking yourself, was said awards ceremony so lengthy?  Were the speeches superfluous?  No, not really.  Did the principal go on and on?  A little - but not strikingly so.  Was it that my 5 year old son had grown tired of Angry Birds and wanted to escape up the isle?  Perhaps it made it seem worse, but no.  The awards ceremony was not dragging on for hours due to verbose speakers or lengthy standing ovations, but rather from the sheer number of honorees at the middle school honor awards ceremony.

"Great News!" you must be thinking!  How heartwarming to hear that our students are excelling and the honors are flowing so generously in middle school America, yes?  What lengths and achievements we have reached in spreading knowledge and learning to so many fine and deserving students!  The teachers themselves remarked on how smart these kids really are.  And many of them undoubtedly are. But...

And it is a big but (insert childish snicker here).

It wasn't too disturbing that nearly HALF of the students were considered "honor" students - given the criteria for considering them so.  I'm not sure when the A/B honor roll included students with Cs, but it was long after I graduated I can only assume.  What was more telling was how many students - literally dozens of students from each grade level, who received ALL As ALL YEAR.  I wasn't taking full statistics as my five year old was beginning to whisper LOUDLY in my ear "CAN WE SNEAK OUT NOW DADDY?", but it seemed to be close to 20% of the student population had never received a grade less than "pretty damn well perfect."  The list of ALL A students was longer than the honor roll list!

My kids are both straight A students, but after watching this assembly, I'm not even sure what that means.  I always thought my kids were smart - and their grades have always been top notch.  I assumed they were the cream of the crop.  But apparently we've got more cream than a dairy farm at our little middle school and it leaves me to wonder whether my kids are as creamy as I had assumed.  Are my boys really excelling at learning - just like everyone else or are they just like everyone else?  There is a big difference!

Every parent digs their kids' getting an award.  Certificates are cool and fun to look at years down the road.  We've got certificates all over the kitchen.  Spelling Bee Participant.  Super AR Points.   Star Student.  Honor Club. Treble Maker.  Your kitchen probably looks the same way and I think there might be some shame in that.

It is a shame that we hand out awards like participation ribbons.  I think doing so diminishes the hard work that some people put into achieving excellence - whether in sports, arts or academics.  They don't get to receive the full measure of their success because they have to share it with people who really don't deserve it.

Don't misunderstand me - I think we should recognize excellence in academics, and sports, and arts.  I believe it is vital we do so not just to reward the efforts of the high achievers but to provide a goal for the ones who are close - and maybe a dream for the ones who are not.  But if our standards are such that excellence encompasses a majority of people and uber-excellence approaches 20%, aren't we just rewarding mediocrity?  When my oldest son went on stage to get his "honor club" certificate he quietly returned to his seat afterwards.  Not because he was asked to, or because he was embarrassed, but because there was no room left to stand with all the other kids who had awards too.

Maybe I'm wrong.  Perhaps my memory of the class distribution from my middle and high school days is clouded by years (lots of years) of time.  It could be that this particular group of students are all high achievers and Mensa will come calling soon.  Maybe these kids ARE that smart and I should have picked up a sandwich on my way and left the five year old with a baby-sitter.  But if I am right, we've got way bigger problems than a two hour honors assembly waiting for us down the road.