December Tax Refund At Consumers Auto Warehouse

All year long Uncle Sam takes a little of each paycheck.  If you are super smart you should end the year having paid in EXACTLY how much you owe, so you end up with no liability and no refund.  But, cautious people usually withhold too much and then use their tax refund for big expenses in February.

But what if you need to use that money now?  What if you could tap into some of that cash today and use it for a down payment on a newer vehicle or for needed repairs to your current ride?  Consumers Auto Warehouse, in concert with Tax Refund Services and Valley Car Credit can help you out.

We've made special arrangements with Tax Refund Services to calculate your expected refund based on your most recent paystub.  Using this, Valley Car Credit can lend you up to $1000 against your refund to be used at Warehouse Auto Repair or Consumers Auto Warehouse.

To find out if you qualify, call today to 540-213-0202 or email us at  We'll see if you qualify and get you back on the road -- either in your current vehicle or a great new vehicle.  Check us out online at today.